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The Metamorphosis - Kerio Control 7.4 will be last version on Windows

(Editor's Note: This is part 2 of 4 in a series of blog posts about the new aspects of Kerio Control 7.4.)

Fifteen years ago, a four person company in a small European city released the first version of a revolutionary product which would be the seed from which Kerio Technologies would grow. Kerio WinRoute was a powerful soft router and NAT firewall, and ran on Windows operating systems and a standard desktop PC. The response to the product was incredible.

Fast forward to 2009 and a decade of increased focus on security functionality, Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.7.1 was released. This version included the availability of our first appliance version. It was a software appliance built on a proprietary Linux-based OS using Kerio Web Administration for system management. It was also available as a VMware virtual appliance, but lacked 100 percent feature parity with the Windows version. A year later, the product bacame Kerio Control with added IPS for complete UTM functionality and a hardware version on the way.

As the popularity of the product continues to grow, the development road map has shifted to meet the necessary security and performance requirements of modern networks. Kerio Control 7.4 reflects this with the added VLAN support. However, this feature, like a few other from the past two years, is not available on the Windows version.

Kerio Control 7.4 will be the last version to support Windows installation. While we will maintain the availability and code for two years, we encourage migration to our appliance versions where possible. This announcement won't shock most of the security world, but there is a large base of customers still choosing the Windows version for deployment. This is because of their familiarity with the underlying OS, or a significant investment in Microsoft networking environments. For this reason, Kerio Control 7.4 features a Hyper-V virtual appliance that allows for simple deployment on Windows servers. Kerio Control will, of course, continue to support Active Directory for user management and all the necessary Windows operating systems and browsers for web administration and VPN access.

Ceasing development on Windows will allow us to focus our innovation on a single platform and code base, allowing us to compete better and deliver desired features to market sooner. This change is a landmark when looking at the product's long history, but to our new growing customer base, it will be a minor footnote in a shiny new release.

James Gudeli,
VP Business Development, Kerio Technologies

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As vice president of Business Development, James Gudeli oversees global management of sales and technology partnerships for Kerio Technologies, Inc. As a member of the worldwide management team, he works closely with the sales and marketing departments to develop strategic channel and technology relationships that promote the adoption of Kerio’s messaging and security solutions. James joined Kerio in 2002 to manage channel sales, achieving triple digit growth in his first year. Previously, he held sales positions with database vendor FileMaker, Inc. and Wells Fargo Bank. James earned a Bachelor's of Science in Marketing from San Jose State University.