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Kerio Connect Release History

(previously Kerio MailServer)

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Known issue / missing feature

Version 8.3.4 patch 1 - Oct 24, 2014

Kerio Connect
- Fixed an issue with failing outbound secure connections.

Version 8.3.4 - Oct 23, 2014

Kerio Connect
* OpenSSL library upgraded to version 1.0.1j to prevent MITM protocol downgrade to insecure SSL 3.0 protocol (CVE-2014-3566 "POODLE").

Version 8.3.3 - Oct 16, 2014

Kerio Connect
+ Added support for Apple Mac OS X Yosemite.
+ Enabled S/MIME encryption for iOS8 profiles.
* Updated Russian timezone definitions.
- Fixed server hang during shutdown.
- Fixed couple of stability issues in Exchange ActiveSync protocol implementation.
- Fixed DKIM public key matching.
- Fixed synchronization of messages with unicode characters over Exchange Web Services.
- Fixed the non-functional fulltext search after a server migration from/to Mac OS X.

Kerio Connect client
- Added support for Safari 6.2, 7.1 and 8.0.
- Fixed a XSS problem in admin port redirect.
- Fixed CWE-79 and CWE-98 vulnerabilities.

Kerio Connect Administration
- Added support for Safari 6.2, 7.1 and 8.0.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- The Jerusalem timezone doesn't change to Cairo anymore.

Kerio Connect Virtual Appliance
- Added missing security repository reference.

Version 8.3.2 - August 11, 2014

Kerio Connect
* Delegators can choose whether they want to share their INBOX folder now.
* Cross-domain sharing is again possible in this version.
* Number of connections to directory servers has been significantly reduced.
* There is no limit for the number of domains mapped from directory server(s) any more.
* Microsoft ActiveSync protocol implementation has been improved.
- Read flag was sometimes displayed incorrectly.
- Fixed a minor issue in CalDAV.
- Fixed a bug in Microsoft ActiveSync push notification implementation.
- Fixed several stability issues.

Kerio Connect client
- Improved behavior of the popup error dialog.
- Some distribution lists could not be edited.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Some calendar invitations might have caused a synchronization conflict.
- Fixed several stability issues.

Version 8.3.1 - June 23, 2014

Kerio Connect
+ Added support for certificates with multiple email addresses.
+ Added support for certificates where email(s) are defined in the subject alternative name field.
- OpenSSL library upgraded to version 1.0.1h to fix a SSL/TLS man-in-the-middle vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224).
- IM service failed to start if mail archive folder did not exist.
- Weak SSL ciphers were disabled for IM service.
- Fixed several Exchange ActiveSync stability issues.
- Plain text e-mails with certain invalid character encodings were generating a lot of Exchange ActiveSync errors into the server error log.
- Some e-mails signed in Kerio Connect client were corrupted in MS Outlook 2013.
- Plain text messages were displayed in a single line on some mobile devices.
- The attachment filter might work incorrectly in some cases.
- Apple Mail sometimes displayed an error dialog when deleting e-mails in IMAP account.
- CalDAV SSL connection was incorrectly configured with Account Assistant on Mac OS X 10.9.3.

Kerio Connect client
- An e-mail signed in Kerio Connect client was unreadable in MS Outlook 2013.
- Mail filters were unable to save.
- Some special folders (Trash, Sent Items, Drafts, Junk E-mail) could not be shared.
- It was impossible to type some czech national characters into the attendee list.
- Fixed a problem with logging into Kerio Connect client when the integration with Kerio Operator was enabled.
- Integration page for mobile devices asked to continue unsecured even if connected over https.
- Integration page did not work correctly on standard https port i.e. 443.
- Fixed several stability issues.

Kerio Connect Administration
- User selected colums in the list of company locations were forgotten after logout.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Users were unable to remove a custom email/reply-to address.

Kerio Outlook Connector
- Automatic update did not work.
- Address book could not be open.

Version 8.3.0 - May 20, 2014

Kerio Connect
* Configuration Wizard removed from Kerio Connect installers and turned into a web application.
- Device wipe of Exchange ActiveSync enabled devices works after a password change, now.
- Attachement filter did not work correctly for messages with HTML footer containing an image.
- Synchronization of task status to iOS mobile devices via Exchange ActiveSync could be unreliable.
- Line endings in task created on Windows Phone mobile device could be removed during synchronization due to a bug in mobile device.
- Domain aliases could not be used in SMTP together with the anti-spoofing feature.
- User quota status might become incorrect on some filesystems.
- CalDAV scheduling invitations were optimized in subscribed shared calendars.
- HTML format of bodies of calendar events is now supported on Exchange ActiveSync enabled devices.
- Exchange ActiveSync synchronization issues on folders containing messages with high UID numbers.
- Performance of Exchange ActiveSync protocol has been improved.
- Several stability issues have been solved.
- The event location field was not auto-filled for Mac OS X Mavericks CalDAV accounts.
+ The Exchange account type of Internet Accounts on Mac OS X is supported now for Apple Mail, Calendar and Contacts.
- Kerio Account Assistant sometimes failed to install a configuration profile.
- DNS requests might fail in some circumstances.
- Kerio Account Assistant failed to install the configuration profile in some cases.
- A title of an event might get lost in Apple Calenar client.
- The **SPAM** prefix is removed from a message subject when the message is marked as not a spam, now.
- Workaround for Apple Mail when stuck in infinitely fetching new emails.
- Other minor improvements and bugfixes.

Kerio Connect client
+ S/MIME - support for sign/encrypt message in Kerio Connect client.
+ Management of Exchange ActiveSync devices in Kerio Connect client.
+ Added possibility to remove auto created contacts in mail composer.
- Spam prefix is removed from subject if a message is marked as not spam
- Italian translation improved.
- Added support for Internet Explorer 11.
- Fixed issue with HTML signature.
- Improved stability on iPad.
- URL with colons was broken in Kerio Connect client.
- Fixed design issues with zoom in Chrome.
- User timezone might get changed together with a language update.

Kerio Connect Administration
+ User profiles in administration console.
+ Domain footers with user and company details.
! Discontinued support for Internet Explorer 7.
- Fixed problem with user password change by domain administrator.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
+ It is possible to add more KOFF accounts to the single profile.
+ Address in From field can be selected from the drop-down list of aliases.
+ Voting buttons are supported in Outlook.
+ Follow up flags for Recipients are supported in Outlook.
+ Kerio Connect rules are offered when opening Outlook Rules and Alerts.
- Custom sender settings are saved even in offline
- It is possible to modify copied default folders.
- It is possible to import forwarded contacts with photos (except of Outlook 2003).
- Read flag is synchronized from KOFF even if the message is opened in Outlook.
- Messages sent from shared stores (not delegated stores) are no more sent on behalf of the store owner.
- Fixed issues when installing KOFF to the custom path.
- Using KOFF and IMAP for the same mailbox no more leads to the multiplication of Junk E-mail folder.
- Outlook no more displays plaintext body instead of html with some Outlook addins installed.

Kerio Exchange Migration Tool
- Kerio Exchange Migration Tool is also available as a 64-bit binary, now.
- Fixed creation of duplicated folders with different letter case.

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