Kerio Technologies

Kerio Control Release History

(previously Kerio WinRoute Firewall)

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Known issue / missing feature

Version 8.4.0 September 30, 2014

+ Added RADIUS server for user authentication and WPA2 Enterprise WiFi security
+ Added HTTPS filtering feature
+ Added Guest interface group
* Traffic rules now works also for IPv6 traffic
* Statistics web interface is now responsive for optimal viewing experience on mobile devices
* VLAN are now imported from configuration backup
* Added support for WebSockets using HTTP Upgrade header
* Interface and system statistics charts are persistent across restarts
* Hostname condition now uses internal DNS cache and match also subdomains
* Added ability to specify syslog port, facility and application
* It is possible to view built-in certificates and import certificates without private key
- Fixed: IPsec tunnel re-authentication with Cisco ASA
* Improved Reverse HTTP proxy compatibility with HTTP Location header redirects
* Improved FTP bounce attack protection
* Passwords are now always stored in MS-CHAP v2 compatible format for Local users

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