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Kerio Control Release History

(previously Kerio WinRoute Firewall)

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Known issue / missing feature

Version 8.3.4 August 26, 2014

- Fixed: fragmented packets were incorrectly routed

Version 8.3.3 July 22, 2014

- Fixed: stability issue in HTTP proxy
* improved DNS timeout detection in Kerio Control Web Filter
* additional WebDAV methods were allowed in HTTP proxy

Version 8.3.2 June 30, 2014

- Fixed: packets was sometimes incorrectly dropped by MAC filter due to empty MAC address
- Fixed: OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2014-0224
- Fixed: SQL injection vulnerability in Kerio Control Statistics
* Authentication on HTTP connection is now not required inside VPN tunnel
* Supported operating systems and hypervisors updated to recent versions

Version 8.3.1 May 20, 2014

+ Logo and page title on login page, denial pages and user alerts is now customizable
- Fixed: incorrect MAC address was assigned to host on DNAT connection
- Fixed: Statistics database could be corrupted by non-UTF8 characters
- Fixed: Packets from firewall are now correctly logged in filter log in case of NAT
- Fixed: IPS false positives on SMTP connections
- Fixed: Kerio Control Administration: It is now possible to add VLAN in Google Chrome
- Fixed: Kerio Control Administration: Incorrect row was focussed after Reset on different screens

Version 8.3.0 April 22, 2014

+ Added Reverse Proxy feature
+ Traffic rules: added search text, test rules and hide/collapse rule features
+ MAC address can now be used for automatic user login
+ Added support for FTP in automatic configuration backup
+ New log Host introduced
+ Added possibility to create service groups
+ Manually assigned IP addresses within DHCP scope can now be blocked
* Traffic rules: added last used column, added more colors
* Traffic rules are now added by wizard
* Active hosts now shows MAC address
* MAC Filter now can automatically permit MAC addresses used in DHCP reservations and automatic user login
* Bandwidth management rules can be now applied to VPN tunnel traffic before encryption
* Dynamic DNS client now can detect public IP address
* Automatic login now doesn't work for users disabled in directory service
* DHCP reservation and automatic user login can be created from context menu on Active Hosts screen
* Linux kernel upgraded to version 3.12
- Fixed: DNS forwarder now forwards DKIM queries
- Fixed: OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2014-0160

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