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Kerio Control Release History

(previously Kerio WinRoute Firewall)

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Known issue / missing feature

Version 8.5.2 April 14, 2015

* OpenSSL library updated to version 1.0.1m, SSLv3 and less secure SSL ciphers were disabled
* VPN Client: Remove connection button is disabled when connection list is empty
- Fixed: VPN client opens browser window unexpectedly
- Fixed: Ethernet interface incorrectly kept IP address after cable was disconnected
- Fixed: User was not able to configure 2-Step verification remotely
- Fixed: User was redirected to http:/// after 2-Step verification configuration

Version 8.5.1 March 10, 2015

- Fixed: Hosts were not redirected to authentication page under some circumstances
- Fixed: Compatibility issue in Ethernet speed and duplex configuration
- Fixed: Stability issue in configuration import

Version 8.5.0 February 17, 2015

+ Added 2-Step verification feature
+ Added possibility to change MAC address of Ethernet adapter
* Kerio Control Administration: IP Address Groups editor was simplified
* Kerio Control Administration: Overlapping Traffic Rules are now detected
+ Kerio Control Administration: It is now possible to select Bits per second or Bytes per second as speed units
* Guest network can use arbitrary DNS server
* Guest network can be selected as source in Content Filter rules and Bandwidth Management rules
* Added new email alerts for Traffic Rules, Content Filter, log message and several system events
+ Added Service Discovery forwarding
* Optimized Bandwidth parameters in order to reduce latency
* Config log now contains also names and original values
* VPN Client for OS X installer rewritten to PackageMaker
* VPN Client: Added possibility to name and to delete saved connection

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