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Long live email, but desktop email clients are dead (or at least dying)

Long live email, but desktop email clients are dead (or at least dying)

Is corporate email dead? Take a look at your inbox, and I think you'll realize the answer is no. However, there is no question email is evolving, and collaboration products like Knowledge Workspace will change (for the better) the way organizations use email. We know email attachments are the spawn of the devil, and I'm anxiously awaiting for the era of back and forth discussions via email about projects coming to an end.

So, long live smarter email, but desktop email clients - that's a different story. Maybe it's the Gmail effect, maybe it's the ease of checking email on mobile devices, maybe it's just that Outlook hasn't seen much innovation in recent years, but many people are relying less on traditional desktop email clients.

Desktop email clients going the way of the dinosaur won't happen overnight. In the meantime the ideal short-term solution for most users is a hybrid solution where they can use the email client they are most comfortable with while at their desk, and still not compromise features or comfortability while on the road, or away from their own laptop.

With that in mind, Kerio has redesigned webmail in Kerio Connect 8.0 with the Kerio Connect Client. Both the architecture and the UI design have been rebuilt from the ground up to deliver the performance and experience users expect from a modern web application. Email, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes and shared folders are fully functional, just like in your desktop client, but lightweight, fast and accessible anywhere. We think we have found the right balance of aesthetics and productivity.

So, I challenge you to break out of your comfort zone give the Web-based Kerio Connect Client a shot. I think you may find yourself opening Outlook less and less.

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-Andrew Staples

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