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On the Same Page, Between Sharing Files and Creating Social Content

On the Same Page, Between Sharing Files and Creating Social Content

We came to online collaboration from an email angle. We've been making Kerio Connect, a messaging server, for 11 years. But the truth is, email is broken. When you work with a bunch of people on a large project developing a lot of content, email fails to provide a good, collaborative, working environment. For static update messages (such as: "I'm going to the dentist tomorrow"), yes, absolutely send an email. For a file attachment being passed back and forth amongst 8 people, absolutely do not.

Naturally, there is an opening, an unmet market need. So we have Dropbox, Box, YouSendIt, Huddle, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Apple iCloud, etc. All jumped in with a notion that the problem is file versioning and file sharing. But, that really is just part of the problem.

Completely missing from the picture is the understanding of how people want to work together, not how they have been working together. For most team projects, shared files are just as broken as email. Microsoft taught us that we need to create files and store them in hierarchical file libraries. That notion has been long killed by Facebook, Yammer, and just about everybody in the social network world. iOS showed how users can run a seemingly file-less system.

Collaboration is being re-imagined. It's the business user who drives adoption of collaboration and social tools for the workplace, not so much an IT department. Kerio's first foray into social business collaboration was Kerio Workspace. It works great but has a significant barrier of entry for most business users - you need to install it in your own IT environment. And that's not what most business people are keen to do.

So, here it is: Kerio is introducing Samepage, social collaboration re-imagined.

Samepage is a cloud-based business collaboration platform that connects people with projects, conversations and files, so that everybody is always on the "same page."

Samepage is an evolution of Kerio Workspace. We brought it into the Cloud (securely) and made the sign up process a matter of a few clicks. You and the people you invite get elastic storage of 2 to 10 GB for free. For file-light environments that should last a lifetime.

Get an account, invite other people and test it today.


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